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Fire Chiefs

There are three classes of membership:

Active Member: Eligibility for membership shall be an exempt chief officer employed by a political subdivision, or other organization within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, on a fulltime basis (minimum 40 hours per week) and shall have a collective bargaining unit representing firefighters. Active members shall be entitled to vote on all matters requiring a vote unless otherwise prohibited.

Associate Member: Associate members shall be individuals who work in the field of the fire service and are interested in the goals and objectives of the Association and are not identified with the fire service commercially. Associate members have no voting rights nor can they hold office, but can participate on committees. Associate members of the Association may include:

  • Fire Service personnel who are of insufficient rank or position (non-exempt) to qualify as an active member of the Association.
  • Professors, instructors, and technical staff members of accredited colleges, universities, and academies, engaged in teaching or researching the field of fire science and/or fire administration.
  • Persons who have made significant contributions to the science and practice of fire protection and related emergency services.
  • Individual members of any section or organization affiliated with the Association.

Honorary Member: Honorary Membership may be conferred upon any person as an honorarium for outstanding service to the Association. Such a member shall hold no elected office nor be subject to payment of dues.

PA Fire Chiefs